Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Concerts


Online concerts in practice

Since the Corona-Lockdown, the concert halls and events locations are empty worldwide. A world without live music – that does not work. This is how the digitization for online concerts is used. What is the difference to conventional concert presentations in digital format?

Music heals especially in times of Corona

The offer of online concerts

Social Distancing should keep or do healthy. In combination with the generally healing effect of music, by online concerts in the fight against Corona may cause true miracles. Critical voices, advantages and disadvantages and compromises make online concerts in a currently controversial light. But the offer is varied. Daily livestreams are done on portals like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Websites show the current and daily program similar to a television newspaper or a festival planner. Internatoinal artists such as Green Days singers and guitarist Bile Armstrong play a coversong in their house and German artists like Joy Denalane Mondays & Max Herre or Clueso rows into the Guard of the Online Concert Musicians.

Because of the many cancellations of cultural creators to be their existence, the #Kulturstetter initiative from Munich supports smaller bands, authors, groups, artists and other cultural creators to present livestreams on the internet and maintain their offers. Objectories are posted regularly on the you-tube channel of the initiative. Through donations via ticketmaster, a ticket can be purchased for five euros, so that concerts and live events of artists are also offered in the future.

At the stars in the living room

Chris Martin bot with his living room concert under the Hashtag #togetherathome a prelude and played Coldplay songs solo. Over Instagram, he talked to his fans and replaced the otherwise common communication of musicians and audiences between stage and audience. Also Metallica comfort your fans with regular concerts. Every Monday, the band is a concert as a stream on your Youtube and Facebook channel. Full length this concert is aired at 1 o’clock German time. MTV Unplugged also presents its famous concert series in this way. So personal furniture props of the musicians are presented and replace the stage show. For example, Wyclef Jean can be seen in front of a huge aquarium.

Culture and classic in the LiveStream

As the landmark of the Hanseatic city, the Elbphilharmonie provides highlights of different concerts as recordings on its homepage in the media library. Classic, jazz and other musical directions are presented on the website. In addition, Guides present striking places of the Konzerthaus and run online directly on the roof terrace of the imposing building. The Berliner Volksb├╝hne is also represented. For crisis management also contributes the Stargeiger Daniel Hope by inviting music and talks to the living room. The pianist Igor Levit also plays in his living room and presents its concerts on Instagram and Twitter. If you want to perceive an extended offer, you can find out about the websites of record labels, Venues, radio and TV channels. Arte and the Austrian radio stations FM4 include, for example.

A weak consolation

As a transitional solution, online concerts are accepted by artists and audiences. So the Eastern Westf├╝hren Bluesmusic Grayhound George shares his experience about his Digital Monday concert on Easter Monday with: "The online concert has already been fun, but it has been a rather sloping experience. Blues, as I games him, is also a community experience and if the community is missing, it becomes strange."

Greyhound George daily posts with songs with song and guitar from his apartment as a fictitious radio station called "Apple Street Radio". A transitional solution that holds his audience in a mood, but the musician sees his actions on Apple Street radio not really as a concert. "These are more small musical clips to entertain the people who just need that during this time. Most has little to do with my actual stage program."

An online concert for the fans

Bassist Max The band "For Next Time" from Thuringia Heiligenstadt has organized an online concert with his band and released it via Livestream via YouTube. The trigger was the disappointment of the fans, when a radio interview with the band had to be canceled due to the Corona shutdown: "We have announced our interview large and when it was out, many fans were bitterly disappointed. We have understood that we have to show that we are there! The audience supports us. You have a responsibility as a musician. We did not make us earn money, but about our external efficacy. We have invited people in a Facebook group to look at our concert and also receive donations."

A penibles planning of the concert was the prerequisite for the successful concert: "The cancellation of the radio interview has motivated us to turn something that could toppen the interview. It was not enough to simply set up a camera. We needed a team from an experienced sound engineer, video technician and so on. A fundamental concert structure was just as important as the current framework conditions that brings the corona crisis. As a five-member troupe we needed a big stage to comply with the minimum distance. In addition, we had to do without the familiar bow arm in the arm and handling were not possible."

For Next Time agrees: "For us, the concert was a way to achieve range. In general, one can of course also build a network through an online concert. Presence is very important to us."

Curse and blessing at the same time

The Singer / Songwriter duo "White Coffee" from Herford can report from positive, but also negative experiences of their online concerts: "People are looking forward to experiencing us live. Online we have more reach when we can play over Instagram for people in Berlin, "notes guitarist and singer Andy. A threat to the live concerts on real stages after the Corona-Lockdown sees singer Jenny does not look at: "People want to experience personal contact and location at concerts. It’s the same as online shopping. It works, but you’d like to be on site. Locations are so important for concerts! They give a large part of the atmosphere."

Especially with small, family concerts no online concert can replace the special mood, finds Andy. Even the digital interaction with the audience would be getting used to: "You have to play, sing, read the comments and go into it. That feels funny. We sit in front of a dead machine to spread a good mood."

Fortunately, the uncertain, technical transmission of the concerts has not prepared any difficulties and the sound quality was in order with the online concerts. "We try to influence as much as possible myself," explains Andy. Amplifier, microphone and the system are aligned with a soundcheck with a tape well-sounding volume level, so that the transmission is running with the tablet. Ultimately, however, it comes on the player’s playback device.

"We do that for us and our audience because we all have fun at the music. But the user behavior is different. You can suddenly decide between many online concerts and like watching TV. Although the value of our music remains, if you want to see us, but the chance of online concerts is greater to lose the audience."

Help or endangerment?

"Right, technically and musically perfect online concerts are rather critical. There is a discussion and I also think that we can not afford to give our music online in all its beauty and with the high workload."

Although the fundraising campaigns in online concerts should save the future and existences of the musicians, Greyhound George sees a threat to musicians at this point, "Our work loses its value. If the music once technically perfectly listened online and see, many will no longer want to pay more for CDs and tickets. For me, nothing is about the interaction with living musicians and audience. If I have learned something from Corona, then that!"Greyhound George generally focuses on the threat to art and culture. If the direct exchange with the audience and the plasticity of the art objects is missing, the statement changes.

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