Bob Luman

Bob Luman

The equally sports and music enthusiast Luman was just before a career as a professional baseball player, when he visited a concert of the then unknown Elvis Presley. Deep impressed by its stage show and the ecstatic reaction of the young audience, he decided to become musician himself. The profit of a talent competition made him an appearance at the Louisiana Hayride. He uses his chance and soon became regular guest of the radio show.

For different smaller labels unsuccessful rockabilly singles were recorded. Some times he kicked on television and even received a smaller film role.

Although he had established himself in the music scene, Luman remained the big breakthrough first fails. In 1959 he received a contract offer of a baseball professional club. From a mood he proclaimed during a concert that he opted for a career as baseball professional and would retire from the music business. Coincidentally, the Everly Brothers were present and persuaded him to continue. They suggested taking the song Let’s Think About Living. The single became an unforeseen success. She sold over a million times and placed high in the country and pop charts.

Also the succession Single The Great Snowman became HIT. Bob Luman had done it, but was shortly afterwards for two years to the military. He succeeded, however, to continue the career after his dismissal. Other singles made it into the top 20. His biggest success was 1972 Lonely Women Make Good Lovers. Musically, he became increasingly towards traditional country music. He also performed regularly in the Grand Ole Opry and on television.

In 1975 he suffered a heart attack and had to spend several months in a hospital. His health status remained Labil. On the 27th. December 1978 Bob Luman died at the age of 41 at the consequences of a pneumonia.

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