Hip Hop Is More Than Just A Music Genre


Hip hop

Hip-Hop is more than just a music genre. His subculture includes the elements of rap, so speaking and mcing called, Djing, Breakdance, Graffiti Writing and Beatboxing. The roots of the hip-hop are in African American radio and soul music. In his Jamaican tradition, the Rap ‘Toasting’ is called. Sample and scratches are also included.

The hip-hop culture

Pioneers, sub-genres and slang

Lovebug Starski or DJ Hollywood – the sources are not agreed – are the pioneers of the hip-hop. As the prey of the rape, Malcolm X and Amiri Baraka apply. Sub-genres of hip-hop are EastCoast hip-hop, WestCoast hip-hop, G-radio, Down South, Bass Music, Ghetto Tech, Miami Bass, Rio Funk, Cunk, Rap, Gangsta Rap, Trip-Hop , Britcore, horrorcore and alternative hip-hop or screw. MC is the abbreviation for ‘Masters of Ceremony’ and involves the task of the DJS to call the audience at ‘Shouting Out’ to dance and generally animate. Many Anglicisms are also known from the hip-hop in general speechjargon. The Battle as a forums between two guns such as MCS, B-Boys, DJs and sprayers is as well known as bounces and chilling, the crew and the hook, so the refrain. The Hood refers to the residential district, the freestyle is the improvisation of rappers and breakers and the homie the best friend. A well-known gesture to be seen on hip-hop concerts both on and in front of the stage is the Lowrider, ie the rhythmic movement of the outstretched forearm.

The genesis

Hip-Hop was built in the 1970s in the US, when Kool DJ Herc appointed the first DJ the Beatjuggling. He repeated the beat of a radio, soul or disco piece and assembled two different beats with each other. The DJ Africa Bambaataa was inspired by his colleague and organized his first party in 1976. To the so-called block parties B-Boys appeared to breakdance and the Breakers of Kool DJ Herc called Zulu-Kings and Zulu-Queens. They were the Zulu nation. Other techniques have been developed by Grandmaster Flash: Cutting, Backspinning and Phasing. In the cutting, in parallel to the Beat songs are recorded, when baking spinning, the plate is quickly turned backwards and the phasing is played in a lower speed, so that one of the two turntable generates a phase effect. Grandmaster Flash finally spotted Grand Wizard Theodore, who invented the scratch.

The first international and commercial successes

Mixtapes emerged and the first hip-hop record was published by the DiscoBand ‘Fatback Band’. Eight million sold plates of ‘Sugarhill Gang’ showed that Hip Hop works commercially. Kurtis Blow was known as the first big Rapstar with his single ‘Chrismas Rappin’. The US New Wave band ‘Blondie’ released her number one-hit ‘Rapture’ and established the hip-hop in the music industry with the RAP sequence contained therein. Falco released his single ‘the Commissioner’ in the fall of 1981 and could score with his charter success as the "First White Rapper". ‘Kraftwerk’ was the first band that combined in her hit ‘trans Europa Express’ Synthesizer with RAP and introduced the sampling in her song ‘Looking for the Perfect Beat’.

Genre combinations

In 1986, the Crossover songs’ Fight For Your Right (to Party) ‘of the’ Beastie Boys’ and ‘Walk This Way’ from ‘Run-D.M.C.’Successful and integrated through the cooperation with the rock band’ Aerosmith ‘the elements of rock music. Naturalistic sound aesthetics was the new orientation scale. Drum Computer Beats, Machine Synthesizer Riffs and Arpeggios were no longer belonging to Bambaata’s premium to the genre of hip-hop, but rather to the Electro radio. Only in the late 1990s these techniques were discovered again in the techno area. The young MC ‘Schooly’ D started in Pihladelphia with the Gangsta Rap. Crime and violence without morality are discussed in the Rhymes. ‘N.W.A.’were the most popular representatives of this genre and came from Los Angeles. On your album ‘Straight Outta Compton’ the artists represent the states in the ghetto. Social-critical content also reflected the singles’ The Message ‘and’ White Lines (Do not Do It) by Grandmaster Flash Life in the Ghetto. The so far most important hip-hop disk was produced in 1988, which created a new subgenre with Conscious Rap. Political texts and a hard production, so the single ‘It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold US Back’ of ‘Public Enemy’. New School triggered Old School. The lines of ‘Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos’ by ‘Public Enemy’ also deal with criticism of the government.

Eastcoast meets WestCoast

In the first half of the 1990s, the West Coast Artists Dr. Dre, Snoop Doggy Dogg and 2pac and formed the counterpart to Eastcoast hip-hop. A Battle between East and West Coast was built and the commercial rise of hip hop rose rapidly. But as in September 1996 the artist 2PAC and half a year later Notorious B.I-G. were shot, both groups closed peace. The concentration continued to be on the commercial successes and the messages. De La Soul, a Tribe Called Quest, Black Sheep and the ‘Jungle Brothers’ were intellectual groups. Also the ‘Wu-Tangclan’ laid with ‘Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)’ a milestone in the history of hip-hop. ‘California Love (RMX)’ is the best-selling rap-single in the world and was by Tupc Shakur and Dr. Dre recorded. Combinations did not only take place among the artists, but also in the way of compositions. More complex beats, influences of Reggae and Dancehall and also Electro Funk of the 1980s were innovations in Hip Hop. Soul and R&B were more genres that enriched the hip hop and from the millennium he even turned to pop music. Wyclef Jeans Album ‘The Carnival’ from 1997 and Lauryn Hills Album ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’ were significant albums of this new aesthetic form.

A new scene in Detroit

West coast, nevertheless dominated the market. In Detroit created one with representatives such as Eminem and D12, G Unit, Obie Trice, Stat Quo and 50 Cent a new scene. ‘The Black Eyed Peas’ achieved a number one song and combined rap and pop with soul and r in 2003 in 2003 with their hit ‘Where is the Love’&B in a social and social-critical text. Usher, Ludacis and Lil Jon were also known with the song ‘yeah’ in this new crossover combination. Kanye West and Gnarl’s Barkley took over the success position of Eminem, when he moved back in 2005. An exciting struggle for the largest sales figures was observed in the fall of 2007, as West’s album ‘Graduation’ and 50 cents album ‘Curtis’ to the greatest figures. Because ‘Graduation’ won the competition, it became clear from now that the innovations in RAP could be as successful as the traditional Gangsta Rap. Also successful artists such as K’naan, Kid Cudi, Drake and Nicki Minaj confirmed this fact. It took until the year 2010 until the West Coast became popular again. Rapper like Kid Ink, Tyga and Kendrick Lamar, but also Snoop Dogg served elements of Electro-House music. Also the song ‘Open Wide’ by Calvin Harris and Big Sean and ‘Delirious’ by Steve Aok are examples of this new success wave. Flo Rida rided himself in this guard. In the French Banlieues of Paris and Marseille has been a similar tone similar to the 1980s as in the American ghettos, so hip-hop intervenes here too. Germany, Poland, Belgium, Arabia and Russia are more sample countries that can successfully book the genre for themselves. The British Hip Hop uses the elements of the Britcore and the Brazilian hip-hop from which the bass Music and the Rio radio.

German hip-hop

The German hip-hop was also active since the mid-1980s and initially designed as a subsoil. Marius No.1 & Cora E. And Advanced Chemistry were representatives of this movement and were reinforced by ‘the fantastic four’. The Hamburg scene was created with groups like ‘fat bread’, ‘Beginner’, ‘one Zwo’, ‘five star deluxe’ and combined lyrics with catchy beats. This was due to the beginning of the new millennium first charter success. The hip-hop had arrived in the mainstream and could convince with his fun texts and also philosophical content. This characteristic differed from the values of colleagues in the US, which wanted to deliberately. From 1993, the German hip-hop television magazine ran on the television station VIVA and provided for establishing the scene in the cities of Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Heidelberg and Berlin, but also in the Ruhr area, in Dusseldorf and in Cologne. More groups such as ‘massive tones’, ‘circle of friends’, ‘flower pot’ were created and could now broadcast the Battle Rap via the so-called ‘Reimmliga Battle Arena’ via audio files through the establishment of the Internet. The previously known Battle-Rap in Persona was thereby extended. Kollegah and Cro were first representatives of this new form.

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