Musician Professions Board Of Music


Who wants to work his passion music to work, has numerous possibilities. Whether with or without instrument – the selection of musical professionals is big and colorful.

However, above all, the claims of professional musicians have grown and the technical progress also evokes changes and adaptation processes that the musicians have to face. This is curse and blessing at the same time: on the one hand the possibilities are duplicated, on the other hand, updates are indispensable in technical occupations. For example, how to buy for computer software updates, for example, a hobby musician must pay for itself personally. The professional musician can hardly handle this step.

Self-organization, self-marketing, talent and professionalism are important prerequisites in a music profession. In addition, one should be aware of the risk of having to live in an artistic profession for a certain period of time without commitment or order. Just freelance artists are compared to orchestral musicians and A&R-managers in the lower level of the average income.

Different references and properties must be individually pronounced in the variety of music professions. A composer needs talent, a conductor an instinctive tact feel and a music teacher didactic skill. The text car writes corresponding texts to songs, an audio designer composes music titles and sounds on the computer for Jingles, commercials and movie and a composer composes new pieces or arranges existing pieces for special occasions. A music therapist uses a special concept to achieve mental and physical healing opportunities in the patient.

Managers of a record company are looking for new talents and tendencies, music publishers support artists and marketing, sound engineers and engineers work mainly in the radio and television area. They are the connection between the artist and the technology. How many occupational fields is therefore also exposed to a standing change due to technical innovations due to technical innovations and shows different aspects both in merit and in their execution options.

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