Musician Profile Of Daniela Heiderich

Daniela Heiderich

With harp, French bagpools and their voice, Daniela Heiderich creates multi-rich sound worlds. Sometimes stumbling rhythmic, sometimes sensitive dreamy, sequel, dances and old melodies alternate. Your own compositions allow very modern sounds. The musician goes his own ways, sometimes away from what is today used today of harp and bagel bag to hear today.

Daniela studied her instruments in the Traditional Music at the Center d’Etudes SupĂ©rieures Musique et Danse (CESMD) in Poitiers / France. She dealt intensively with history and game of wandering harpists who have traveled through Europe in the last centuries and throughout the globe. In the Limousin region, they specialized in the game of different there and in the neighboring regions of domestic dudelsack types like the Cadrette, the Chabret or the Cornemuse du Center.

Daniela stands internationally as a solo artist and with different ensembles on stage. In recent years, they led their performances to festivals like La Follen Journée de Nantes, the Gstaad New Year Music Festival, Musique et Passion in Poitiers, Trobarea in Vence, or the Interfelische Folkfestival Hofheim. In addition, it regularly teaches in the context of instrumental, ensemble and tanzworconsshops.

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