Plate Contract Or Homerecording


Plate contracts in times of streaming

In times of homerecording, bands and musicians often ask themselves whether the trouble is worthwhile for an application in a record company. Distribution channels and formats are subject to rich diversity today and offer different services.

Risks and opportunities vary, as well as the right selection of the genres. Ultimately, the mixture of subjective hearing senses, current trends and possible marketing remains the decision criterion.

Flexibility is more demanded today than ever, after all, both the artist and the label want to earn.

In walking with the trend

PR How Print, Online, Radio, TV and Club, Social Media and Streaming are currently on the program and demanding constant updating. A financial label is therefore useful for the artist.

DIY labels often lack insights into the structure of the music industry and the overview of sufficient marketing, but can be useful for some artists depending on their claim. Self-marketing via online media like Facebook, YouTube, digital download and sales through your own shops is enough for some musicians.

So-called service packages displace band takeover contract plus production advance. To be able to deny its living exclusively from the music is also an outgoing model, so that the label is made possible to pay out the artist in license rights, but in money. This gains the musician more and does not have to hand over rights.

Album or single?

In times of online streaming there is another, not insignificant sticking point: the album production. If the passionate collector felt in the musical, seventh heaven in recent decades, when he held a soundtrack in his hands and could leaf through the booklet, allow online services to retrieve individual songs today.

Whether this way of the music performance affects the work of the songwriting of an artist is probably individually different. Nevertheless, the question arises: Create a concept album? Is there a dramaturgical structure? How is it with pure instrumental pieces? What does the artist want to achieve, what would like to see the listener, how is the hearing behavior generally?

These questions can probably be answered individually and are situation dependent.

Nevertheless, it can be clear that album productions continue to be favored in the rock, alternative and metal area. Reviews about EPS and singles offer little meeting opportunities for the press and only relevant as appetizers.

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