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Reggae music is a main form of afrokaribical music. In the mid-1960s they emerged on Jamaica and sees itself as dance music and ritual music of religious liberation movement of the Rastafarian cult. Your musical expression focuses on the social protest of urban ghetto population. The focus is on the social and cultural contradiction of this Caribbean island.

Precursor of Reggae music

From musical traditions of the colored population of Jamaikas, the Afrokariban dance music. The quadrille is the Spanish colonial dance music. She combined with the percussive tradition of the Caribbean, so that in the 19. and 20. Century the region of widespread Calypso could make special reggae rhythm famous. In the 1950s, however, the ska set through.

Musical features and instruments

As with the ska, the second and fourth touch is emphasized in Reggae music in a 4/4 clock. However, the ska is played significantly faster. Its brass and piano are replaced by the organ in reggae. Banjo, guitar and the focus of the percussion are other instruments that are played in Reggae culture. The focus and the peculiarity of Reggaes lie on complex and multi-layered rhythm and central text exhibitions that repeat themselves. There are also many metaphors used.

Sound Systems

Mobile nightclubs outdoors were called Sound Systems and developed in the 1950s. Soon the musicians were ordered from the producers to the studios and produced records for their own needs because the US imports are no longer sufficient. The DUB version, ie a melody without vocals, enabled the Dishockeys to animate dancer to join in. The moderators were called ‘toast’.


The musical reformricanization of the ska treats the African continent as a praised country. A Messiah will come and lead the population into their monitual freedom. This developed a new self-confidence, from which a political force grew. The yearning for Africa and its own cultural and ethnic identity was expressed by this.

Pioneers and developments

The pioneer Bob Marley made the music famous with his band ‘Wailers’ from 1976. In the United Kingdom, Dandy Livingstone reggae music made popular. In the 1980s, the Roots Reggae developed for today’s Dancehall Style or Dancehall Reggae. Bands like ‘The Police’ and ‘The Clash’ used the flowing transition to the Genre New Wave.

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