Rockgitarist If You Live From His Passion

Interview with Jimmy Gee, Rockgitarrist

Many guitarists dream of their own rock band. Fill with her halls and make money too. But what about reality? Jimmy Gee, Rockgitarist, singer, producer, coach and composer, gives information and tips for Board of Music.

Be rockgitarist

Jimmy Gee, rock guitarist, singer, producer, coach and composer – born in 1978 – has been playing guitar since its eleventh year of life and has played a lot of concerts in the last 25 years. He has published five studio albums, and everything started, like many musicians, through the influence of the Beatles. He never wanted to do anything else, even if the shadow sides of the music scene are aware: "She is very special and not very honest. Professionally music to make music is unfortunately everything but always great. That’s the moving side of the medal. To stand on a stage, before filled house, is of course great! Especially the lucky fans who come to us after the concert prove that it is the best job."

And as a teacher he knows how to report: "Teaching is very grown. It always comes on the ambitions of the students. Lessons can be great, but also totally boring and annoying."

Because learning the guitar play in his opinion is not very easy, you should start playing from the seventh year of life, as well as with the singing. It takes a lot of time and exercise and also diligence is indispensable: "It’s not about the musical skills. But with diligence you can compensate a lot. It depends on exactly this diligence. Own a few minutes a few minutes just do nothing. So you need time, a spark talent, endurance and perseverance!"

From online lessons, Jimmy holds little because the teacher can not intervene. Online videos are "nice to practice, but more not."

But whoever remains on the ball can enjoy the advantages of the electric guitar: "The varied, dynamics, the sound – no matter how soft the electric guitar sounds, it is always a bit devilish in it. An electric guitar belongs to a rock band! Of course you can play them alone. But so really comfortable she just feels only in a band."

This feeling is easy to get back by live concerts and YouTube concerts when the motivation hangs. Also "fun and flat serve" belong to it when students gives the motivation hole. But in long-term lustlessness, Jimmy advises to finish playing.

Genre variety is in any case: Rock, Blues, Metal, Rock’n’Roll, Beat, Pop, Reggae, Country – One point can be hard.

Finally, Jimmy is committed to the teaching offer, which is very big, in Jimmy’s eyes even too big: "Thousands teachers with huge price differences and qualities do not make it easy for beginners. But you can easily say: is the teacher too cheap, something is wrong!"

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