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Musicians and bands often have problems finding a suitable rehearsal room. In addition to the qualitative differences in the equipment rooms, it is difficult in many regions to find rehearsals. That’s why we want to offer supply and demand better matches. About the tagging, rehearsal searchers can easily get an overview of the offers and equipment nearby. For even more transparency, the rehearsals can be assessed.

You want to rent a rehearsal room? At Board of Music, you can present your rehearsal room with an Bilgergallerie, all imaginable features or a video. Set your ad with indication of many criteria for free.

Looking for the perfect sample room, some musicians are already in despair. So that the search for the ideal exercise location does not match the needle search in the haystack, a few important tips will be put together.

Set criteria

First of all, a few basic criteria should be determined: the number of square meters, the amount of the rental price, which can be paid and the area in which the room is located. Finally, one does not want to serve as a distance from a distance, even if this aspect is probably the difficult part of the search. Whether with window of without sound insulation and possibly existing equipment – all these parameters should be collected on a list.

Use network

Wet spaces are not suitable for instruments, so they should also be avoided. Some rooms can be placed by the city administration. Also the use of his own network can be helpful. Either other musicians can listen, because it is the possibility to use their sample rooms. Special marketplaces are also available on the Internet such as Board of Music. If you do not find any premises here, it is advisable to ask in the respective communities, cities and council houses. Also ecclesiastical or social facilities, youth centers, music schools and general education schools and also music clubs are an option. Newspaper advertisements, music shops, black boards in adjoining super, beverage and desktop markets, pubs and inns, venues, bus stops and train stations are other official opportunities to find a sample room. Last but not least, the non-musical friend and acquaintance group should be involved in work colleagues and family members.

Possible buildings

Farmhouses and equipment shed, carpentars, locksmiths and other companies, office complexes, industrial buildings and residential blocks may be vacant buildings that can fulfill all the criteria of a good sample room. Once a sightseeing date can be perceived, despite all the musically fashionable expression is a casual, classic outfit to choose. Finally, you want to convey reliability and seriousness and assure the landlord that the rent can be transferred punctually and the premises are treated carefully. Honeability is also important. If the music is loud, that should be noted. Restrictions such as times and special features on Sundays and public holidays should be clarified in any case before. Last but not least, the acoustics is very important.

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