Sonic Painting Melodies And Rhythms Create Associations


Sound painting

Melodies and rhythms do not only affect those brain regions, which also produce emotions such as pleasure, grief and longing, they also produce certain associations. The sound painting uses the sound.

Nature of the music – music of nature

Associative natural spectacle, dance of the air molecules

Noise from nature like the sound of a hollow tree trunk and the whistle of the wind can be described as a dance of different air molecules. The air molecules swing evenly in row and member and produce a sound. Each individual instrument generates a tone that is created by a vibration. The combination of these instruments different vibrations. Every air molecule in a concert hall adds the vibrations of all instruments, so that the air molecules actually dance.

The definition

Ton painting is the musical replica of natural or cultural phenomena. The small Terz at the cuckoo call is an example occurring in nature. The echo, storm, other animal voices and also bell sound and rural life effects are more examples. To simulate natural sounds, the timpani is another example as a thunderbolts. Brightness can be simulated by a DUR chord, heat through a vibrato.

Historical backgrounds

In the Middle Ages, the sound painting Imitatio Naturae called, so natural. The Gregorian choral is an example of the varying course. Since the modern period, the Aristotelian natural facility was widespread as Mimesis in all art forms. In 18. Century focused on the sound painting on the imitation, which were reproduced by dancing gestures and musical sound figures. The aesthotics Charles Batteux and Jean-Jacques Rosseeau were representatives of this view. Pantomime and dance had priority.

Historical development

In the middle of the 18th. For the centuries, the general view of nature deepened to the sensation of the individual and focused on his expression. Not the imitation of a bird voice itself, but the emotional generation of hearing this sound was the real challenge. In 19. The program music also served as a description of whole actions of this method. Also in pop music does sound painting, but not in absolute music and twelve technology from Arnold Schöneberg. The Musique Concrète looked at the 20. Century known noises as musical events.

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