The King Of Rock’N Roll

The King of Rock’n Roll

Elvis Aaron Presley (* 08.01.1935, + 16.08.1977)

Born in Tupelo, Mississippi on 8. January 1935 as the second son of Zwillings. The first young, Jessie Garon, was a dead birth. Elvis remained the only child of Vernon and Gladys Presley.

The Presley family moved to Memphis in 1948, Tennessee, where Elvis cast the high school in 1953. Musically, Elvis became different music directions and styles of this time – gospel, pop / rock and black R & B. Already in 1954 he had his first record contract with Sun Records / Memphis. He started his singing career and at the end of 1955 his record contract was sold to RCA Victor. Everything went very fast. In 1956 he was already known internationally. It was his unmistakable musical style, shaped in his youth through the various influences, and also his way to move on stage, the fans pitched the fans . And on the other side fierce parents left shocked.

In the following years he turned 33 music films, all of which became success. In addition, he broke spectator records in live performances in Las Vegas and on tour. Overall, Elvis sold more than 1 billion plates and got countless platinum, gold and other awards for a total of 133 albums and singles. Admission to the U.S. Army was another milestone in its history, he became a representative of a whole nation, gave concerts worldwide during this time.

Elvis married at the 1. May 1967 Priscilla Ann Beaulieu in a private suite in Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas. Exactly nine months after your wedding day, on 1. February 1968, was at 17.10 o’clock the only child of Elvis, Lisa Marie, born in Memphis.

Pricilla was presented Elvis in the fall of 1959 during his army stay in Germany.

In October 1973, Elvis and Priscilla were divorced.

Elvis died on 16. August 1977 in his house ‘Graceland’ in Memphis.

He became the idol of his time and for subsequent generations. Today, more than 600 visit annually.000 people Graceland – more than half of the visitors are 35 years and underneath!

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