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How do I get to concert tickets?

When buying a concert ticket, there are numerous offers and also numerous pitfalls and falls that can arise very high costs. We present some providers in this article. In advance, however, a fundamental, important rule on online purchases: pay attention to fees, shipping and other additional benefits!

Beware of online purchases

CTS Eventim

The Group CTS Eventim is responsible with Klaus-Peter Schulenberg as Managing Director for 80 to 90 percent of ticket sales. But since November 2014, the Bundeskartellamt determines for abuse of market power against his company. One reason for the determination is outrageous high prices. 300 euros per ticket are not uncommon. Perfect booking systems and the ticket office network are the basis for the success of the Group.

Depending on the ticket outlets from the Group is a reason why Matthias Sachs, employees in a pre-sale office in Berlin, in April 2012 the Interest association of the concert- & Theater Cases East (Ivkt East) e. V. founded when Eventim wanted to change the fee model to change the sales outlets.

"They have full control and all possibilities to the end customer, which affects prices, fees and so on."

Remarkably, the trend does not tend to buy a ticket online, but about the ticket office, evening cash registers or telephone orders. As a result, shipping costs can be saved. The not insignificant sum is at Evil Seven euros, the premium shipping even 29.90 euros.

So what options are there to handle Eventim and get some affordable tickets?


TicketMaster is an alternative. The offer is almost as varied, if not so fast in customer service. Positive highlighting are the good shop design, swift shipping and sometimes lower fees. The telephone service and the lack of many offers are two weak points. It is not possible to pay with PayPal.


Another option offers Viagogo, whose prices as a ticket exchange, however, are slightly higher. Therefore, it is advisable to read the guidelines exactly in the huge offer.

Current reports have a misleading in the guarantee. Additional costs can arise because the platform mediates only to private sellers, which are not considered as these and want to earn through higher prices. Viagogo So is not an official ticket office. Therefore, the market guardian team of consumer center Bayern sued the Swiss ticket exchange Viagogo in front of the district court of Munich. Risks arise during delivery and in the imprint of the platform the topic selection is limited in the contact form. As a result, a complaint becomes almost impossible. Booking, settlement costs and sales tax also increase prices, which is not explicitly pointed out.


So you want to go on number safely, offers Ticketswap an alternative. E-tickets for concerts, festivals, sports events, theater ideas and many other activities are strictly controlled and the scam is prevented by close cooperation with organizers and ticket companies. A simple purchase instructions, settlement and notification by SMS or e-mail offer comfortable ticket purchase. The buyer is protected by a price cap.

Ticket Online

Ticket Online Unfortunately, it also offers expensive services and tickets, but has EBN well-personalized account, a very large event selection and a clear website that facilitates the purchase and decision. Also wide is the event range Getgo. Simple order and sufficient filter options are more advantages here.


Lastly called heckticket, whose favorable prices and clear website offers significant benefits. Unfortunately, many events are represented in just a few cities.


If you would like to draw a conclusion at this point, the buyer is well advised if he depends depending on the event, on which advantages he puts special value and can accept the disadvantages.

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You have missed a concert?

Who could not participate in a concert for different reasons, has the opportunity to inform oneself about concert diaries. Various websites report concerts and thus participate in the show in retrospect.

At the side of Concert diary – An online magazine with positions in Paris, Cologne and Vienna – you only find reports on indie and alternative concerts. More than 3.600 concert reports of 5.800 bands and even the setlists can be read in. Also interviews and new insider tips are presented. So you stay on the neutensive stand and can be informed at least in the Nchinein about current shows of favorite bands and festivals.

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